Andy & Claire

June 1, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

It’s not on every job that I’m a Surrey wedding photographer, this booking took me to Swanage and to Andy and Clair’s amazing do at The Church of the Holy Spirit then The Bull and Boat down on the beach. Ah a beach wedding, amazing… my first and I hope there will be more in my quest to be a destinations wedding photographer, it’s not Hawaii, it’s not Barbados nor even Thailand, Turkey or France, for now the Dorset coast will have to make do. I was on holiday with the family in Dorset only a month previously and and it brought back some fond memories.

I loved how ‘sea side’ and ‘nautical’ the vibe was, helped by the decor of this cool pub and the table decorations. This job came as a referral through a family friend and my mortgage advisor Matt which just goes to show how important networking really is. The weather was beautiful and the day went smoothly, the bride and groom were a relaxed and happy pair and the guests a great laugh… the priest even turned up at the reception!

I also had this wedding featured in Ultimate Wedding magazine by talking to the editor on Facebook, glorious, glorious social media. Enjoy the photos from the day, my favourites are of the couple on the beach on the edge of the water and the ones were they are sitting by the beach huts.