Jess & Steven

September 24, 2015 Weddings 0 Comments

This wedding had a special pressure attached to it as Steve is my brother-in-law to be and I wanted this to be the best of the season! I’m happy to say I’m delighted with the results and so too were the bride and groom.

This late summer/early autumn wedding was a really cool London do at The Rosendale in East Dulwich with photos in the park. Steven and Jess had a few specific shots they really wanted, namely the one of them back to back prior to the ceromony – not being able to see one another, myself and one of the ushers had to lead Steve backwards into the main room, sit him down with his back to Jess then set up the shot and take it. The temptation for them to look at one another must have been huge, it was a tricky shot and I must say I had my doubts but I think the results are brilliant.

I’m not often a guest and the chef photographer but I did get to be in some of the photos and sit with my family and tuck into the delicious wedding breakfast, but soon duty called again as it was time for the first dance. Not until the cake was cut was I officially off duty and I could kick back and let my hair down, only to realise I was stone cold sober, my feet ached and it was time to get the girls back for bed – but I was glowing with pride and the buzz of a ‘job well done’ kept be going and going late into the night, I love this job!

All in all an amazing London wedding and all who came had a fantastic time – Steven and Jess… I wish you all the best!!!