Days out with Ami

April 1, 2015 Travel 0 Comments

In my life I have Ami (pronounced AM-ie) – Amanda. She and I met at art college in 1989 and had an ‘interaction’ in around 1992. From then until 2014 she wasn’t in my life but then she arrived on Facebook and the rest really is history. It has been true-love since the outset and I know I am among the lucky few who have met their true romance, their soul mate.

We have three wonderful girls between us – from previous partners – but we are one big, happy family now. Occasionally Ami and I get away from it all – away from my day job in graphics, away from being a Surrey wedding photographer and away from being a dad – and off we go to see the world. Below is a feed from my Flickr account. I hope you enjoy it.

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